RIM 7 Terminal   

The example we have chosen for illustration of InterSpect  is building inspections. InterSpect  can be utilized to direct and capture data from any mobile task.

  is a wide area wireless manager of mobile task data. Inspection orders transmit to mobile workers per geographical division of zones to be serviced. Inspector receives "to be inspected" data based on an in-depth, who, where, and type criteria. Staff has the ability to rearrange sequence of the tasks to permit working around scheduling conflicts, throughout the day.

InterSpect  begins each day with inspectors driving to first inspection site from their residence instead of driving to and from an office for paperwork processing and inspection list pick-up. InterSpect will automatically create transaction documentation as a result of handheld computer input as your staff proceeds through "to be worked" tasks. The first InterSpect installation resulted in over a million dollar ROI each and every year since implementation.

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