Thermal & Thermal Transfer Labels:

Thermal Transfer Printing

The components of thermal transfer printing are a thermal transfer print head and a thermal transfer ribbon with either resin or resin wax encapsulated ink.

The print head is a semi-conductor in which a miniature row of printing elements is encapsulated within a ceramic coating. The print line (the area of the print head that is used to create the print) has between 203 and 300 individual imprinting "elements" per inch. Each element is turned on and off in rapid succession and in turn melts ink from a thermal transfer ribbon, transferring it to the surface of labels, tags, and paper which is typically delivered from 8" diameter rolls.

Thermal Printing

The components of thermal printing are virtually the same as thermal transfer printing with a single exception. The print head is in direct contact with a heat sensitive coating on the face of labels, card, tag, and paper stock which turn black when heated by the print head elements.

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