Case Study:

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       Case Study:


Intermodal Trucking Management                  


Original Process:

TRANSInternational System of Columbus, Ohio is an intermodal carrier providing logistics management of containerized freight between sea, rail, and airborne domestic & international shippers to and from points of origin in Canada, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and points between.

TRANSInternational began containerized freight service from East Coast ports in 1969 using "State of the Art" (for the era) transaction and accounting devices "posting" transaction data from multiple-part paper business form data acquisition. 

Problems / Issues:

  • High transaction volume information management dilutes capacity to process data.  

  • Customer service and business growth capacity is dependent upon efficient dispatch
    of owner-operator tractors to pull shipper owned chassis and containers.

  • Hand written documents promote transcription and transposition errors.

  • Miscommunication and misunderstanding between dispatchers and drivers results in
    load/trip start/stop issues.

  • Excessive and under utilization of equipment with resulting maintenance issues.

  • Data entry staff required to input transaction data.


InterModalTrucking  optimizes route, fuel, and maintenance values to manage the minute by minute operation of TRANSInternational System. Availability of accurate route rate data is key to controlling your bottom line. InterModalTrucking literally provides a profit meter in the lower right corner of each route configuration screen. Routes falling below X margin, can not be quoted without intervention of management. To arrange an appointment with us call: 713-821-9800 x 2202. click here or email To review InterPatch, our dispatching and InterYard container yard modules of the InterModalTrucking system click the underlined text.